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PVDF (Polyvinylidene-fluoride) also known as "Kynar" is a balanced engineering plastic with excellent performance and mold-ability like general purpose resin. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and weather, and it is used in various fields such as electronic material binders for lithium-ion batteries, fishing line, strings of musical instruments, bulbs and lining of electrodes. 
PVDF is a fire-resistant engineering plastic which maintains excellent performance of a fluoro-resin. PVDF is being used in applications where heat resistance, anticorrosion, and weather-resistance are key use criteria.

• We have 140+ types of off-the-shelf PVDF Metric screws from M3 to M12 in stock.
• All our PVDF fasteners are made by
   Nippon Chemical Screw, Co., Ltd (CHEMIS) in Japan. 
• Our PVDF screws are traceable by lot number,
  certificates are available upon request.
• We are a manufacture direct distributor and
  we guarantee lowest price. If you find a lower price
  with same model number,  please let us know.
• All standard PVDF fasteners are in stock at the factory.
  Lead time is typically 3 to 7 days.
• We ship our products world-wide.

Click to see more quality differences
Click to see more quality differences
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PVDF Pan Head Screws
PVDF Flat Head Screws
PVDF Socket Head
Cap Screws
PVDF Hexagon Head Bolts
PVDF Washer
Custom Parts Custom size fasteners
Custom Parts & Size

Please contact us for more details about Custom orders.

We works closely with manufacturers to create custom parts by machining and injection molding.

* Solid Spot is an exclusive manufacture direct distributor of Chemis (Nippon Chemical Screw Co., Ltd. )
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• PVDF Catalogue (PDF)
• PVDF Data Sheet (PDF)
• Torsional rupture torque
• Tensile rupture force
• Chemical Resistance
• Physical Properties
• Mechanical Properties
• Thermal Properties
• Electrical Properties
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