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We focus providing high quality products, safety, and trust.
We are an exclusive factory direct distributor of CHEMIS and PMA.
Based on working closely with these manufactures, we can provide following certificates and documents from the manufactures for your order upon request.
Our Chemis products are made in Japan manufactured by CHEMIS who is registered
ISO 9001.  All of CHEMIS products we provide are in manufacturer sealed bag with lot#. 
Traceability by LOT#
Solid Spot has products management system for the products we sold.
We can trace all Plastic Fasteners by CHEMIS and Sterilization Indicators by PMA
by lot number.   We are also able to contact manufacture about the products by the lot
numberon your behalf.
We can provide following certificates and documents with your order upon request. If you need other certificates, please contact us.
• Certificate of Conformance (Certificate of Compliance)
• Certificate of Origin
• Certificate of Analysis (Material bases)
• Certificate of Authorization
• Certificate of RoHS and ELV Directives
• REACH Data Sheet
• MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
• Chemical resistance data
* Solid Spot is an exclusive manufacture direct distributor of Chemis (Nippon Chemical Screw Co., Ltd. )