Fastener Distribution Agreement Enables Quick Delivery of PEEK Fasteners


10/2/2012 Santa Clara, CA

Solid Spot LLC has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Nippon Chemical Screw & Co., Ltd aka “CHEMIS”.

Chemis is the largest plastic fastener supplier in Japan and have been manufacturing PEEK fasteners for over 25 years. To meet the increasing demand for rapid delivery of PEEK fasteners and well as other polymer fasteners, Chemis‘ huge inventory will now be available with same day delivery for in stock items, and no more than one week for those few items not in stock at Solid Spot.

Chemis Representative Director Hanji Fumio & Solid Spot CEO Ted Weber

PEEK fasteners are key components used in the semiconductor, medical, metrology, oil & gas, aerospace and numerous industries due to their strength, light-weight, corrosion resistance, electric and thermal insulation and non-magnetic properties.  Chemis is the largest molder of PEEK, PVDF, reinforced Nylon and other super-engineering plastic fasteners in Japan and the widest range of metric and ANSI standard sizes available.  With over 400 existing molds for PEEK fasteners alone, short lead times and lower costs are now a reality.

Nippon Chemical Screw, Co., Ltd  (Chemis) was established in 1965 as plastic fastener injection molding specialist and mold manufacturer.  Chemis’ vast experience injection molding PEEK is apparent in the high quality and consistency of their screws, washers, springs, tie-bands, and nuts. Chemis has become the top supplier to semiconductor equipment makers, electronics manufacturers and customers who insist on top quality polymer fasteners world-wide.

Solid Spot LLC was established in 2002 as a distributor and sales agent for technical products used in the semiconductor, LED, hard disk drive, clean rooms and  medical.  Online shopping is available for most PEEK items @

Contact information:
Solid Spot LLC
Ted Weber
2464 El Camino Real STE140
Santa Clara, CA 95051 U.S.A.
Tel: +1(408)821-7703 (direct)

Nippon Chemical Screw &Co., Ltd
Yusuke Furukawa
International Sales Division
2-4-10, Kaminoge, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 158-0093 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3703-1351