OTC 2017 May 1st – 4th (Booth#6455 Arena)

Solid Spot and CHEMIS Showcase New Fasteners and Custom Parts Solutions at OTC 2017 May 1st – 4th in Houston, Texas, USA.

Solid Spot and CHEMIS Showcase New Plastic Fasteners and Custom Parts Solutions to the Oil & Gas industry at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2017 at NRG Park Houston, Texas, USA from May 1st to May 4th 2017. Please stop by our booth #6455 (NRG Arena, Hall B).

OTC 2017

Consider the use of off-the-shelf corrosion resistant PEEK and RENY fasteners for composite downhole plugs, subsea applications, and for other parts. We offer quick delivery, inexpensive injection molded screws, bolts, washers, nuts, spacer and springs made from performance plastics. Drilling equipment is often exposed to HPHT and corrosive fluids. Tools used downhole require the highest levels of reliability and efficiency. Cutting edge fasteners made from PEEK and RENY plastics help reduce costs and down-time while providing noncorrosive solutions. Many applications which use stainless steel fasteners can be replaced by plastic fasteners to avoid corrosion. PEEK and RENY have very low moisture absorption rates and their physical properties show greater stability when compared to other polymers. We make our fasteners by injection molding which brings about significant cost reduction when compared to machining. We have molds for over 3000 different fasteners and all our products are in stock and ready to be shipped.

You can see our latest product offerings and discuss solutions to all your non-metallic fastener applications.  We have a huge selection of engineering plastic screws, washers, nuts, and springs and custom parts samples.   Representatives from Solid Spot and CHEMIS, and a subsea engineer will be at the booth.  Feel free to discuss any requirements or questions you may have for standard molded items or custom, built to order machined parts.

Nippon Chemical Screw, Co., Ltd  (Chemis) was established in 1965 as plastic fastener injection molding specialist and mold manufacturer.  Chemis’ vast experience injection molding PEEK is apparent in the high quality and consistency of their screws, washers, springs, tie-bands, and nuts. Chemis has become the top supplier to medical equipment manufacturers, semiconductor equipment makers, electronics manufacturers and customers who insist on top quality polymer fasteners world-wide. CHEMIS is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (for some products). 

Solid Spot LLC was established in 2002 as a distributor and sales agent for technical products used in the medical, semiconductor, LED, hard disk drive, aerospace and clean room industries. In 2012, Solid Spot became the exclusive master distributor for Chemis products in North America.   Online shopping is available for most PEEK items @ http://www.solidspot.com/shop/

Contact information:

Solid Spot LLC www.solidspot.com
Ted Weber (tedw@solidspot.com)
2464 El Camino Real #140, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Phone +1(408)821-7703

Nippon Chemical Screw, Co., Ltd  (CHEMIS) www.chemis.co.jp
International Sales Division
Yusuke Furukawa (furukawa@chemis.co.jp)
2-4-10 Kaminoge, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0093 Japan
Phone: 81-3-3703-1351

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