PEEK, RENY, PVDF & other engineering plastic fasteners, springs, and custom parts.

Solid Spot is a manufacture direct distributor of plastic fasteners since 2011. We have a huge inventory of PEEK fasteners in CA and same day shipment is available world wide.


We have 2000+ types of plastic fasteners as off-the-shelf items in CA and in our factories.
We are the top supplier to semiconductor, medical equipment makers, measurement equipment, oil & gas industry, aerospace, military, and electronics manufacturers.
PEEK, RENY, PVDF, Polycarbonate, PPS, PFA, PTFE, PVC, Polyacetal, Polypropylene, and PA fasteners are in stock at the factory and lead time is typically 3-7 days. Custom plastic fasteners and parts are also available, often with short lead time.

PEEK (Polyether ether ketone)


PEEK is a semicrystalline super engineering plastic with the highest level of performance. Concentrated sulfuric acid is the only general purpose chemical in which PEEK can be dissolved. Moreover, it has excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, flame resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and it is used in various fields like medical, semiconductor, power, aerospace and military.

Continuous use temperature: 356°F / 180°C
Flammability: UL94 V-0

GF30 PEEK Screws

30% Glass filled PEEK screws for physically stronger solution than natural PEEK.

 Tensile strength (#4-40) Natural PEEK:

97 MPa
157 MPa

We have 500+ types of off-the-shelf PEEK Metric and ANSI (inch) screws in stock.



RENY is 50% glass fiber reinforced Super Nylon (Polyamide MXD6). Among all plastics, it has the highest strength and coefficient of elasticity. Much stronger than GF30 Nylon (glass filled PA6 & PA66). Moreover, due to its excellent oil resistance and heat resistance, it is used in transportation, automobiles, general machinery, precision machinery parts, electrical and electronic equipment, civil engineering, and construction material in place of metals.

Continuous use temperature: 221°F / 105°C
Flammability: UL94 HB

We have 380+ types of off-the-shelf RENY Metric screws in stock.

PVDF (Kynar)


PVDF (Polyvinylidene-fluoride) also known as Kynar is a balanced engineering plastic with excellent performance and molding workability like general purpose resin. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and weather, and it is used in various fields such as semiconductor, plating, and in corrosive environments.

Continuous use temperature: 302°F / 150°C
Flammability: UL94 V-0

We have 140+ types of off-the-shelf PVDF Metric screws in stock.



Polycarbonate (PC) is naturally transparent, non-crystalline engineering plastic, with the ability to transmit light.
We provide crystal clear transparent screws, also white and black polycarbonate fasteners with excellent impact resistance, balanced mechanical properties and electrical properties.

Continuous use temperature: 239°F / 115°C
Flammability: UL94 V-2

We have 350+ types of off-the-shelf Polycarbonate Metric screws in stock.

Custom Parts / Size

Solid Spot is happy to quote price and lead time for custom size fasteners and custom parts made by both machining and/or molding with PEEK and virtually any plastic material, as well as metal parts.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is excellent water, acid, alkali and solvent resistance, PVC is used in water distributing pipes. PVC is inferior heat resistance, it generates hazardous substances like chlorine gas upon combustion.


Continuous use temperature: 95°F / 35°C
Flammability: N/A

We have 100+ types of off-the-shelf PVC Metric screws in stock.

Plastic Springs

We have 90+ types of off-the-shelf PEEK, Polycarbonate, and Polyacetal (POM) injection molded springs in stock in our factory.





Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)


Perfluoro alkoxyalkane (PTFE)


Perfluoro alkoxyalkane (PFA)


Polypropylene (PP)


Polyacetal (POM)


Polyimide (PI)




Polyslider (PS)

Radio Transparent
Radar Transparent
Does not intefere with radio frequencies like metal
PEEK is Radio Transparent and Radar 
Transparent similar to air!
EMI - Non-Magnetic
Plastics are non magnetic, and do not interfere with electromagnetic emissions.
Does not conduct elctricity, reducing shock and electrical shorts.
Light Weight
Low specific gravity with 1/5 the weight of metal.
Corrosion resistance
No worries about rust, decay and contamination.  Strong chemical resistance.
Themal Insulation Excellent thermal insulation and non condensation due to low thermal conductivity
Chemical resistance & Hydrolysistance
See ourdata center for details.
Why Plastic?
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• Please use torque driver or torque wrench for fastening.
  Recommended fastening torque is 50% of torsional rupture torque under actual use conditions.

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• Size available in stock, configuration and manufacturers of raw materials used may change without notice.